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Welcome to Bibliorchidea (orchid literature database and bibliorgaphy), the most complete and comprehensive orchid literature bibliography existing. Bibliorchidea as a unique tool will help you to find orchid literature and information of all kind about orchids (Orchidaceae) in almost every aspect. We also offer you the possibility to get not only the citation of orchid literature as reference, but also the source of orchid literature itself in a very short time.

Bibliorchidea (orchid literature database and bibliorgaphy) consists of more than 125'000 citations of orchid literature of books and articles from more than 1'400 different periodicals, connected with a keyword catalogue of about 25'000 keywords. Bibliorchidea includes the citations of more than 70'000 orchid taxa on all levels between family and forma.

With this bibliorchidea represents about 80 % of the existing literature about orchids.

In Winter 2000 Mr. Jenny told the CTO of DreamLab inc. that he would like to go online with his Database. Well ! What looked like an easy, job turned out to be one of the most complex challenges for the DreamLab inc. Team. A custom made conversion . tool had to be developed (the original Database was 'constructed' on DOS !!) The cross - referring Decrease & Enlarge Search was hand tailored ! But according to our DreamLab inc.'s Mission Statement : 'We contribute all our efforts and skills . to improve scientific progress and to bring dreams to reality for the benefit of all mankind.' We joined forces with Mr. Jenny who dedicated over 15 years to collect and categorise what is known in the world of Orchids.

Maybe You based your Orchid research on the legendary 'litbul'. CD-Rom ! For many years Mr. R. Jenny provided Universities, Institutes, Orchid Societies and Orchid Enthusiasts throughout the World with the most comprehensive collection of Literature and References about Orchids known. Now for the first time ever this Metadatabase is available on the Internet.

Dr. Phillip Cribb
Deputy Keeper of the Herbraium
Royal Botanic Gardens

Prof. Klaus Ammann
Prof. Dr. phil. nat.
Universit├Ąt Bern
Botanischer Garten

Dr. Mark A. Clements
Research Scientist
Centre for Plant Biodiversity Research

Dr. Gustavo A. Romero
Harvard University Herbaria

Eric Hagsater
Engineer in Chemics

Dr. E.F. de Vogel
Curator Orchidaceae
National Herbarium of the Netherlands

Prof. Carl L. Withner Professor Emeritus
Brooklyn College
University of the City of New York
Honorary Life Member, American Orchid Society
Judge Emeritus, American Orchid Society

Dr. Franco Pupulin
Jardin Botanico Lankester, Universidad de Costa Rica Research Associate,
Marie Selby Botanical Gardens Member, IUCN/SSC Orchid Specialist Group P.O.
Box 26-1009 Fecosa, San Jose', Costa Rica, A.C.